Frusca Srl

Industrial Equipment since 1986

Certified System

Frusca Srl obtains the first certification of its Quality Management System in 1998. The continued growth, the increasingly precise definition of procedures, rules and instructions to be respected led to an overview of the company system. This was the starting point for the achievement of Quality to 360 Degrees.

The Global Quality for Frusca Srl above all means acknowledge main position to the human being, grant Health and Safety to the Employees, value high esteem of natural resources as they are common assets, respect environment and nature, as well as ethically deal any aspect referred to the Administrative and Social Responsibility.

The interaction of the Skills for sharing common goals, the use of High Technology for the centralized management of the documents and datas, the optimization of the resources through an Integrated Management System application, enhance our potentiality giving higher exposure to our Company.

Frusca Srl with commitment and dedication applies constantly a Policy that sets guidelines and goals for all areas covered by the system. The Integrated Policy expresses the ways in which Frusca Srl faces issues and it contains specifications for a correct Interpretation and Understanding of the Results obtained.

Ethical Code

Frusca Srl has equipped itself with a Charter of Rights and Duties that fixes the ethical and social responsibility of each components of the company. The values to which shareholders, administrators, directors, managers, employees and partners of the company have to comply with, are clearly explained inside this document. The Ethical Code is a precondition of the Organization Management Control System and of the Sanctioning System therein considered. The audit on the suitability of the Ethical Code, its implementation and its application are empowered to an external Supervisory Board in co-operation with the administrative authority and the management of the company.

Model Ex. Legislative Decree 231/2001

Frusca Srl has also provided itself with a Model under Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and established a Control System to prevent, as far as possible, relevant violations to this Decree. The activities exposed to the risk of offences have been identified with detailed procedures, competences and responsibilities.

This Model is made effective with relevant procedures during Selection and Training of the staff, information to its own partners, by a logical disciplinary system and through a steady supervision to prevent and block the committing of crimes. The monitoring task for its functioning and compliance is assigned to the external Supervisory Board.