Frusca Srl

Industrial equipment since 1986

Frusca Srl was born in 1986 with the aim of Commercializing Equipments and Industrial Components with Special and Highly Attention in Mechanical Components for Heavy and Light Industry.

Primary goal for Frusca Srl is Customer Satisfaction and the Continuous Search of New Customers, offering the Best Technical Solutions with the products of its represented companies, well known internationally, with pursuit of continuous improvement in Service Sales, Consulting and After-Sales Service.

The aims of Frusca Srl on which was founded are always been challenges and progression in years despite continuous global changes. In years became known and reached good levels, with support of good and structured staffs, also able to respond to all the needs that still requires the Market, becoming a point of reference for any entity in both of Heavy and Light Industry.

These reasons bring Frusca Srl to be on the market consistently evolving with a wide range of Leader and Innovative Products,  and in addition create a strong and continuos Loyalty of its customers by Long-Standing and Steady Relationship.

Frusca Srl, to reach its purpose:

  • Research

    Constant search for technologically advanced and innovative products

  • Improvement Processes

    Grants continuous improvement in the choice of the product/service and in the training of the human resources

  • Investments

    Pays particular attention to the investment in infrastructures

  • Partnership

    Makes longstading partnership with its suppliers

Our corporate headquarters are located in Provaglio d'Iseo

Thanks to all the costumers who has accorded us their aspired preference during these years we engage ourselves in continuing our work for an always more efficient cooperation.

Unique Administrator, Simonetta Cazzanelli

Represented brands

We are distributors for several prestigious brands