Frusca Srl

Industrial equipment since 1986

For Frusca Srl, the Service must always be in the first place for the customer as it’s by of vital importance to support him in the Consulting, Choice and Purchase of the product, so supporting him in the Post-Selling Assistance. This ensure for Frusca Srl that the customer has a complete Service. This allows Frusca Srl to be on the market consistently evolving, wich over times bring Frusca Srl to create the continuos Loyalty of its customers by Long-Standing and Steady Relationship, ensuring above all the best Warranties and Trust in terms of strong Quality and Confidence.

Frusca's Exclusive Services for Heavy and Light Industry:

  • Technical Consultancy

    Assistance of the customer, placing side by side to Technical Offices, End User and Manufacturers for the best choice of the most proper components for the realization of their plants

  • Design

    Studying, drawing, development with the assistance of the software that permit a fast and efficient projection in 3D, for the realization of their plants

  • Post-Selling Assistance

    Support for monitoring, functioning and instruction of equipments for use of their plants

  • Control

    Control of applications and wear status of the products installed to customer's site for the proper working of the operation on their industrial plants

  • Delivery

    Taking care and managing a best delivery of the material directly at the Customer’s site

Represented brands

We are distributors for several prestigious brands