Industrial Technical Plastics

RÖCHLING INDUSTRIAL XANTEN GMBH, distributed in Italy by FRUSCA SRL, has a proven history as specialist for casted and centrifuged Polyamides (thermo- and duroplastics) well known as LAMIGAMID®, LAMINEX®, MITELA® and OPTAMID® (also with the addition of oil, bisulfide of molybdenum, phenolic resins, etc.) for different applications and industrial fields. In some sectors, the products of RÖCHLING INDUSTRIAL XANTEN GMBH are higher than materials like steel and aluminum, offers a high impact resistance and a low friction coefficient, hot and cold resistance and excellent dimensional stability.

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Our plastics are made on drawings, exceptionally in rounds, tubes and plates and can be used in rolling mills plants, cranes and hoisting technology, elevators and escalators, packaging, food & beverage, transport systems, vertical and automatic storage systems and special machines, etc. FRUSCA’s technical staff can support you to develop the type of plastic material more suitable for your needs, supplying you innovative and tailor-made solutions for your applications.

Application fields of the Röchling Industrial Xanten plastics:

Rolling Mills Plants:
friction bearings and skin liners in Laminex® and Mitela®; pads and inserts for spindles, wear pads for rolling mill’s stands, mandrel segments, thrust collars, rollers for strip lines in Lamigamid®; wearing plates in Laminex®; grease lubrication pumps for spindles.

Cranes, Hoisting Technology:
Pulleys, antistatic pulleys,  wheels, rollers, wear pads, outrigger floats  in Lamigamid®.

Elevators and Escalators:
Pulleys in Optamid®; deflection rollers, gear wheels, pads and wear components in Lamigamid®.

Wheels, rollers, gears, pads and fiction wearing guides in Lamigamid®.

Food & Beverage:
Eccentric discs, skin liners, geared wheels with steel core, wheels, rollers, gears, pads and wearing guides in Lamigamid®.

Transportation Systems:
Wheels with steel core, rollers, wearing pads, bushings, pulleys in Lamigamid®.

Vertical and Automatic Storage Systems:
Supporting wheels, runner wheels, wheels with steel core, rollers, sliding pads, bushings,  pulleys in Lamigamid®.

Mining and Oil Industry:
Joints in Lamigamid® for connecting pipes for oil extraction.

Special Machines:
Components made on drawing with different shapes and construction materials.

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