Special Lubrificants

The special lubricants VOLER, distributed by FRUSCA SRL, had been developed for demanding industry customers, who attach great importance to reliability even under the harshest operating conditions.What began as technical consulting over 50 years ago, has developed into a well-known brand and recommended by them.

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The range of products is specially suitable for use at wind power plants, in the areas of railway and construction engineering.

VOLER products are characterized by high load carrying capacity, extensive dirt resistance and high weather resistance.

VOLER special lubricants effectively prevent abrasion, wear and corrosion.

Voler Compound 2000E: graphite lubricant with exceptional adhesion, for heavy duty open gears. Covers the tooth flanks with an uniform and durable protective film, it is suitable for the highest pressures, is not pressed, centrifuged or washed away. Ideal also for underwater lubrications, smooth, durable and economical.

Voler Compound 2000S: synthetic lubricant with exceptional adhesion, for heavy open gears. Covers the tooth flanks with an uniform and durable and well-adherent protective film. Prevents the damage to metal surfaces in contact. Contains superfine graphite (grease free) that ensures a high pressure resistance. Allows lubrication even under unfavorable weather conditions.

Voler Alluminium Compound: assembly paste for the preservation and  anti-seizure  of screws, bushings and bolted connections. Protects against corrosion, oxidation and wear. High pressure resistance. Ensures easy and labor-saving assembly and disassembly.

Voler CL Compound: assembly paste as the previous one, for high and low temperatures. High properties of friction reduction during the assembly and disassembly.

Voler Compound Spray 200R: excellent lubricant for outdoor use on ropes, chains and belts (crawler cranes, road pavers and hydraulic elevators, etc.). It doesn’t dry out during the use and has a very good penetration ability, high adhesion and high resistance to moisture.. Specially developed for steel ropes and chains in extreme climatic conditions.

Voler Penetrant Spray:  high penetrating power lubricant and  solvent against rust action. Excellent creep capability. Solves stubborn rust easily and fast.

Voler Graphited Lithium Grease Nr. 1/Nr. 2: lubricant suitable for ball, roller, rolling and plain bearings. Realized on a pure Lithium basis and contains superfine colloidal graphite. Features outstanding running characteristics. Resistant to hot and cold temperatures. . Extremely high film’s strength and stability.

Voler Red Rubber Grease: lubricant formula for compatibility with natural and synthetic rubber. Resistant to hydrocarbon-containing solvents. Natural vegetable oil as a basic ingredient, good aging and high temperature resistance.

RM 2000T: lubricant for use in food processing and packaging industry. Prevents belts abrasion during pack accumulation and protects  from damages during the transport of the material. Protects the chains from contamination  and prevents bacterial growth, lubricates and maintains all sliding surfaces, as well as the hinge pins and guides. Approved for food production use by NSF and ISEGA

RM 2000MMF: is white pharmaceutical oil based conveyor lubricant, consisting of evenly distributed PTFE particles, designed for use in food & drink, packaging and cosmetic industry. Developed to be used as a lubricant for sliding chains, production lines and also as a recommended lubricant for other sliding surfaces in food production environments, drinks, packaging and cosmetic industries.

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